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Scrubs are very comfortable to work

          Scrubs are very comfortable to work, in this case is a physician who worked in the hospital. doctors working in hospitals treat patients and perform medical acts, he needed work clothes that can make it comfortable and still look attractive, then scrubs the choice of doctors to work.

         scrubs are designed with a V-shaped neck and comes with two pockets on the front and scrubs are paired with pants are very comfortable to use. as an example a scene in the movie "scrubs" that can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZAgT8KOLF8


on the video above you can see how a health care worker is very comfortable working with scrubs. he did not even look stiff while doing a lot of action and body movement.

in addition to the above reasons, why the gowns to be very comfortable to use for work is because it is made of cotton so comfortable, absorb sweat and are not easily damaged. 

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 Description : 
  • Made of cotton with a wide selection of colors
  • Package consisting of surgical scrubs shirt and pants
  • Model dress with a V-shaped neck and the shirt comes with two front pockets
  • Pants with an elastic at the waist
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL

lab coat description :

  • Made from cotton / drill
  • Available two options (long sleeve and short sleeve)
  • Equipped with two pockets in front 
  • Length lab coat reaching to the knee adults ( 90 Cm )

  •  not provide the goods ready for sale,
  •  all purchases must go through the ordering process 
  • after the order process, the product will be ready after 1 week (time adjusted by the quotas of orders / klian requests)
  •  the buyer is obliged to pay a down payment of 70

Call center :
ok_toko@yahoo.com / bajumedis@yahoo.co.id

fuji :
+6285692086596 or pin BB 29C87E9E

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         There may be few health-related concepts that have captured both the research interes of scientific investigators and the popular imagination  as much as "social stress". this reflects both the substantive appeal of the concept for researchers in medicine and the biological and behavioral sciences and attempts by individual to understand and take responsibility for their own health.
              this chapter presents a brief description of the historical development of the concept, an introduction to the various way that stress is conceptualilized, and a model of social stress that attempts to capture its causes. mediating effects, and out comes. current research into stress as it is related to social class, race, and gander is also presented.

          The term "stress" is used in almost countless ways. it can refer to event or circumstances, such as an examination, that causes us unease, to the general unease we fell during such events to the specific bodily, responses to such events, such as rapid hearthbeat; or to the mind's and body's attemps to deal with the unease in order to recapture a sense of wellness. 
           Most researches include in the concept of stress some reference to the resulting state in an individual who has experenced various demands. Stocklos (1986:35) defines stress "a state of inibalence within a person, elicited by an actual or perceived disparty between enfironmental demands and the person's capacity to cope with these demand". stress occurs in response to " strainfull and thereatening circumstances in the environment" and has cleared bounnsaries than stress such as anixiety or depression, wich are more global and more diffuse and many exist "even in the absense of specified threats" (Pearlin and Schooler, 1978:4)

 several stress researces have developed models of the process by wich potenttialy stressful events  are interpreted are apparaised by individual. resources are applied to deal with the events and outcomes of the stress process are determined. the model presented in figure 5 - 1 is influenced by several of these models but especially that by Morton Lieberman (1982), and Pearlin and Aneshensel (1986). while stress is a broad intelectual concept, a benefit of this model is that it offers appropiate entry poins for appliying the sociological perspective to understand the following areas :
  1. The nature and dinamics of how social forces and circumstance (stessors) create stressfull situations.
  2. How the perception or appraisal of stressor affects the maner in wich they are handled.
  3. How the appraisal of stressors affects the enactment of social roles.
  4. How social resources infuence the likelihood of stressfull circumstances, the extent to wich role enactment is problemictic.
a primary concern of many sosiologistic is the identification of stressors -social factor or social forces that contribute of tsress. kataloging these forces is a difficult task, however, as they range form the broades of social forces  and large scale social organisation. on the one hand, to the personal social environtment in wich people function on a day-to-day basis, on the other hand.

We mentioned it earlier and it bears repeating: stress is not always a bad thing. Stress is simply the body's response to changes that create taxing demands. The previously mentioned Dr. Lazarus (building on Dr. Selye's work) suggested that there is a difference between eustress, which is a term for positive stress, and distress, which refers to negative stress. In daily life, we often use the term "stress" to describe negative situations. This leads many people to believe that all stress is bad for you, which is not true. Eustress, or positive stress, has the following characteristics:
  • Motivates, focuses energy
  • Is short-term
  • Is perceived as within our coping abilities
  • Feels exciting
  • Improves performance
In contrast, Distress, or negative stress, has the following characteristics:
  • Causes anxiety or concern
  • Can be short- or long-term
  • Is perceived as outside of our coping abilities
  • Feels unpleasant
  • Decreases performance
  • Can lead to mental and physical problems 
It is somewhat hard to categorize stressors into objective lists of those that cause eustress and those that cause distress, because different people will have different reactions to particular situations. However, by generalizing, we can compile a list of stressors that are typically experienced as negative or positive to most people, most of the time.
Examples of negative personal stressors include:
  • The death of a spouse
  • Filing for divorce
  • Losing contact with loved ones
  • The death of a family member
  • Hospitalization (oneself or a family member)
  • Injury or illness (oneself or a family member)
  • Being abused or neglected
  • Separation from a spouse or committed relationship partner
  • Conflict in interpersonal relationships
  • Bankruptcy/Money Problems
  • Unemployment
  • Sleep problems
  • Children's problems at school
  • Legal problems 
Examples of positive personal stressors include:
  • Receiving a promotion or raise at work
  • Starting a new job
  • Marriage
  • Buying a home
  • Having a child
  • Moving
  • Taking a vacation
  • Holiday seasons
  • Retiring
  • Taking educational classes or learning a new hobby
Work and employment concerns such as those listed below are also frequent causes of distress:
  • Excessive job demands
  • Job insecurity
  • Conflicts with teammates and supervisors
  • Inadequate authority necessary to carry out tasks
  • Lack of training necessary to do the job
  • Making presentations in front of colleagues or clients
  • Unproductive and time-consuming meetings
  • Commuting and travel schedules
Stressors are not always limited to situations where some external situation is creating a problem. Internal events such as feelings and thoughts and habitual behaviors can also cause negative stress.
Common internally caused sources of distress include:
  • Fears: (e.g., fears of flying, heights, public speaking, chatting with strangers at a party)
  • Repetitive Thought Patterns:
  • Worrying about future events (e.g., waiting for medical test results or job restructuring)
  • Unrealistic, perfectionist expectations
Habitual behavior patterns that can lead to stress include:
  • Overscheduling
  • Failing to be assertive
  • Procrastination and/or failing to plan ahead

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medical clothing and scrubs

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a completeness that must be used when working according to hazard and risk of work to maintain the safety of the workers themselves and those around him. Obligations had been agreed upon by the government through the Department of Labor of the Republic of Indonesia.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garment or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury by blunt impacts, electrical hazards, heat, chemicals, and infection, for job-related occupational safety and health purposes, and in sports, martial arts, combat, etc. Personal armor is combat-specialized protective gear. In British legislation the term PPE does not cover items such as armour. The terms "protective gear" and "protective clothing" are in many cases interchangeable; "protective clothing" is applied to traditional categories of clothing, and "gear" is a more general term and preferably means uniquely protective categories, such as pads, guards, shields, masks, etc. Items such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits are equipment to support the personal protection of the subject. Police use handcuffs, tasers, batons and handguns as PPE.
The use of personal protective equipment is to reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce these risks to acceptable levels.

The shape of the tool are :
  • Safety Helmet :
      Serves as the chief protector of objects that could hit the head directly.
  • Safety belts (safety belts)

    Serves as a safety device when using the means of transportation or other similar equipment (cars, planes, heavy equipment, etc.)
  • Rubber boots (boots)

    Serves as a safety tool when working in muddy or muddy places. Most of the seal with metal to protect the feet from sharp or heavy objects, hot objects, chemicals, etc..
  • Protective footwear (safety shoes)

    Like regular shoes, but of the skin material coated metal with thick rubber soles and strong. Serves to prevent the fatal accident that befell the foot due to sharp or heavy falling objects, hot objects, chemicals, etc..
  •   gloves

    Serves as a protective hand at work in places or situations that could result in injury to the hand. Materials and gloves in adapted form with the function of each job.
  • Rope Safety (Safety Harness)

    Serves as a safety when working at heights. Required to use this tool at a height of more than 1.8 meters.
  •      Closing Ear (Ear Plugs / Ear Muff)

    Functioning as ear protectors when working in noisy places.
  •   Glass Eye Safety (Safety Glasses)

    Serve as eye protection when working (eg welding).
  •   Mask (respirator)

    Functioning as an air filter that is inhaled while working in places with poor air quality (eg, dust, toxic, etc.).
  • Face shield (Face Shield)

    Serves as a protective face of a foreign body splashes while working (eg job grinding)
  • Jackets Rain (Rain Coat)

    Serve to protect from splashes of water while working (eg work on a rainy or were washing equipment).

    All types of PPE should be used as it should, use the guidelines that really work in accordance with safety standards (K3L 'Health, Safety and Environment')

medical clothing
medical clothing is clothing worn by a doctor or nurse to protect his body from the medical dirt. These clothes are usually used to perform medical procedures in the hospital.
medical clothes should be made ​​of fabric are comfortable, absorb sweat, is not easily stretched or shrunk and not binding on dirt.
ok toko scrubs are known to offer incomparable comfort and durability, two qualities that nurses, nursing students and other healthcare professionals look for in their uniforms. You can expect the best fabric quality that gives comfort and protection for a longer period of time in each Cherokee workwear medical scrubs you get. Choose from any of your favorite Cherokee workwear colors such as navy, wine, royal and many more. Not only are these Cherokee workwear nursing scrubs available in more than a dozen of your favorite colors and styles, you can also get the best fit in sizes S to XXL.

scrubs / jacket operating is coat operation used by doctors when performing surgery in operating rooms. operation serves as a protective coat of the body when performing surgery. suit this operation should have a blood-resistant material.
before use coat operation should be sterilized in advance so as not to bring the germs to the operation room.
These scrubs are designed to be comfortable to use while working.
two front pockets is helpful to store work equipment to a hospital or stationery store.
section is designed to provide rubber pants at the waist for easy use, elastic at the waist so as to give comfort for those who use it.